Where Does my Horse Hurt?

Where Does my Horse Hurt?
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Does your horse?
Have trouble traveling in one direction?
stumble a lot?
have a "phantom" lameness that comes and goes without apparent reason?
seem grumpy or to suddenly be in a ?bad mood??
Do you?
Find yourself paying for hundreds-of-dollars in diagnostic tests without ever getting answers?
have trouble finding a saddle that fits your horse?
worry that your horse is silently suffering because of an unknown source of pain or discomfort?
Then the book from Dr. Renee Tucker, WHERE DOES MY HORSE HURT?, is for you! This spiral-bound, highly illustrated guide shows you WHERE to put your hands and HOW to use them to find potential sources of injury or discomfort throughout your horse's body.
This is an excellent book, and should be on everyone's shelf. Dr. Harman wrote the foreward and highly recommends the book.