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Joint Supplements– Keep a Rotation

For many years, I have felt that joint supplements should be changed every year or two, since the joint is a complex structure. One type of supplement may or may not address exactly what a particular horse needs, so changing the type is helpful to make sure you have covered all the bases and improved […]

Dance of the Bits

In the good ol’ days we took our snaffle bit and put it in our horse’s mouth and went for a ride. If our horse complained but did not run off we often never noticed that anything was wrong. And if this horse was controllable without resorting to anything like a pelham, we would say […]

Dr. Joyce Harman: A Pioneer for Holistic Horse Care

Holistic and integrative horse care is growing steadily in popularity— equestrians are increasingly turning toward natural treatment options for acute and chronic conditions. But for Dr. Joyce Harman, owner and founder of Harmany Equine Clinic, holistic equine veterinary care is anything but trendy. Dr. Harman has been weaving Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic care […]

Stuff Your Horses’ Stocking with the Gift of Health

It’s the season for giving! Why not give the gift of natural nutrition to your horse this season with Sow Your Seeds Pasture Blend? Sow Your Seeds Pasture Blend is an herbal mixture of easy-to-grow perennials and self-sowing annuals selected for their nutritional value, horse appeal, and ability to flourish with normal grazing. It’s the […]

Dr. Joyce Harman Named AHVMA Innovator of the Year for the Harmany Muzzle

Dr. Joyce Harman, integrative veterinarian and founder of Harmany Equine, was named Innovator of the Year at the 2018 American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association conference last month. She was recognized for developing the Harmany Muzzle. “I hold my AHVMA colleagues in such high esteem, so it’s quite an honor to be recognized for the Harmany […]

Don’t Let Your Guard Down– Ticks are Still a Danger to Your Horse

Despite the cooler weather, horse owners should still take precautions to guard against tick-borne illness Lyme disease has become a household name for those living on the East Coast. Though Lyme is the most well known of the tick borne diseases, anyone who spends time outdoors should be reminded of its year-round dangers. Even during […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Travel Stress

Question: “I’m getting ready to move my 3 horses (and mini) from Pennsylvania to California. Any suggestions on traveling long distances and if there is anything I could do to prepare them for a long haul?” Answer: “Horses usually make a move like this better than we expect, however there are a number of things […]


Cribbing can originate for many reasons. It can be inherited (or learned from the Mom), but often occurs from boredom or is learned from other horses. However, it can also begin from intestinal discomfort and ulcers, or a mild cribber can become a serious cribber after some digestive issues become a problem. So, in this […]

Equine Herpes Virus: What Is It?

EHV-1 (Equine Herpes Virus) is a common virus in the equine industry.  There are other herpes virus’s, but these are the most common and often misunderstood. EHV-1 shows up clinically in two major forms, the common respiratory form and the less common but much more severe neurological form. We will examine both forms of the […]

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