Rehabilitation of Horses with Neurologic Deficits with TTEAM

Rehabilitation of Horses with Neurologic Deficits with TTEAM
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Linda Tellington Jone's TTEAM and TTOUCH techniques have helped many of my clients horses regain their neurologic function especially during and after diseases such as EPM or Lyme, or after injuries. In this comprehensive booklet, a rehabilitation program is laid out to help you help your horse.

This study of using TTEAM® for the rehabilitation of horses with neurological deficits started through the efforts of Dr. Mark Meddleton and his wife, Becky. Becky's horse, Jewel, was severely affected by EPM and Dr. Mark was trying all the forms of experimental medication. During the times that the medication seemed to be working, Becky decided to try TTEAM (Tellington TTouch® Equine Awareness Method) to rehabilitate Jewel. Becky applied her basic knowledge of TTEAM® and was impressed by what she was observing with Jewel.

NOTE: TTEAM® is an acronym of "Tellington TTouch®Equine Awareness Method." Since this book was published, the brand name for all the facets of the TTouch organization is Tellington TTouch®.