Horse Harmony by Dr. Madalyn Ward

Horse Harmony by Dr. Madalyn Ward
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Understanding Horse Types and Temperaments.... Are You and Your Horse a Good Match?

A wonderful book by a good friend of mine. This book goes through all the different personality types from a Chinese medicine perspective. The Chinese have a fascinating and very practical way of looking health and it relationship to body type and personality. Dr. Ward has put this into a very readable format. You will gain many insights as why your horse behaves the way he/she does and how you can help mold those personalities into a more workable partnership.

If you are a horse lover, you have probably experienced the pain and frustration of finding the perfect horse only to discover later that the two of you are a poor match. This book, Horse Harmony, looks at horses in a whole new way. Just as with humans, these wonderful creatures have different constitutions and personalities that can be defined and evaluated. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine as her model, Dr. Ward has developed 11 basic horse types and temperaments. She describes the personality as well as the best training, occupation, diet, and management approach for each. After experiencing years of frustration with her own poor equine matches and watching hundreds of clients in similar situations, Dr. Ward has dedicated herself to creating a practical approach for finding the best matches between people and horses. Her goal is to empower you to recognize your most fitting equine companion or learn how better to work, live, and play with the horse you already care for. She hopes this will be a significant step toward helping you realize your lifelong equestrian dreams.