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Insulin Resistance in Horses

Herbs, Homeopathy, Supplements, Nutrition for Your Horse's Wellbeing

Veterinarian, Dr. Joyce Harman is the host of this 1-hour webinar. 

Help for Laminitis in Horses

A recorded webinar about caring for a horse with laminitis with the expert advice of Joyce Harman DMV. Dr. Harman specializes in dogs and horses and her practice includes acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy.

No, Cushing’s is not a Death Sentence for Horses and Ponies, BUT

it can be very painful for them and expensive for you. Join Dr. Joyce Harman on this webinar as she takes you through the latest holistic journey in dealing with what can be a debilitating disease for your animals.

 A Holistic Approach to Support Your Horse's Immune System

Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Joyce Harman takes the listener through some valuable tips to keep the immune system of a horse healthy during stressful times.  Dr. Harman has a wealth of information to share with horse owners that is why she started the Good Healthmanship Series.  An informal lecture with slides on preventative measures to follow in order to support your horse's immune system. Sponsored by Doc's Hemp, your #1 Source of CBD from Hemp for Horses, Dogs and Cats


Vaccinating Horses Mindfully

This webinar is 50 minutes long with questions answered at the end. Vaccinating your horse is an important aspect of your equine healthcare plan, but vaccinate wisely, you do not have to use every vaccine available to horses. Also, where your horse lives is a very important consideration to your vaccination schedule. Know the questions to ask your veterinarian prior to he comes to the barn.



How CBD and Hemp can Help Support Your Horses in Many Ways.


Dr. Becker and Dr. Harman Talk About Holistic Healing for Horses

Tail-Pull on a Horse

Dr. Harman demonstrates how to safely do a tail-pull on your horse.

How to do a Belly Lift with your Horse

Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS, demonstrates how to do a belly lift with your horse.

 Wither Rubs

What causes those white hairs on the horse's withers? Dr. Joyce Harman explains the causes of wither rubs. See her Pain Free Back book online: https://shop.harmanyequine.com/shop/b...


Benefits of Acupuncture on Horses

Network Chiropractic on a Horse


Alternative Actions for Laminitis in Horses

How the Bull-Nose Curved Hoof Effects Your Horse's Body


Giving a Horse a Homeopathic Remedy

When Your Heavy Horse's Body Is Showing Areas of Concern



Affordable PEMF Treatment for your Horse/Dog/Cat


Laser on Equine Acupuncture Points

CBD for Horses, Dogs, and Cats with Top Integrative Veterinarians

 Digestive Health in the Equine-Robin Hood and Dr. Joyce