Nutrition Course: Horse Healthmanship™

Introduction to Horse Healthmanship™, the masterclass

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Have you ever wanted to know all about natural medicine and holistic health for your horse? Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of the leading holistic equine vet? If this is you, you have come to the right spot.

Horse Healthmanship™ is the only complete natural nutrition and holistic health course available anywhere in the world. Dr Joyce Harman is going to share her brain and 33 years of experience in the holistic veterinary world with you.

With the decreasing number of equine veterinarians available in many places, this course will give you the foundation to keep your horse healthy and less reliant on your vets.

Using a new scientific way to learn (to truly learn) in just 7 minutes or so each day Dr Harman will take you through everything you need to know to truly understand natural nutrition for your horses and be able to apply it. You will have exercises each day that will apply what you learn directly to your horse.

This Foundation course contains a tremendous amount of information taught in clear, easy to understand language. Dr Harman will take you from understanding the anatomy of the digestive tract (the key to knowing the why of how to help horses heal) all the way through feed and forage ingredients empowering you to make common sense decisions about the products you are using or may want to use in the future.

This 6 module foundation nutrition course includes the option to add a live component, with 2 group sessions each month with Dr. Harman (total of 4 live sessions). This will get your questions answered and help guide you on your journey. Spaces for the live version will be limited and it will only be offered a fer times a year. You do have the option to begin the course and upgrade to live later.

Future courses will dive into feeding for more specific conditions, homeopathy and herbal basics for treating diseases. 

Come join us on this experience!  It will be life changing and will put you in charge of your horse’s health.

Overview of course

  1. What is health? How to recognize subtle signs
  2. Physiology of the digestive tract. Understand what we are feeding
  3. Energetics of feeding. A look at how Chinese medicine helps us understand feeds
  4. Sources of food. What goes into horse feed? How to make healthy selections
  5. Forage. The ins and outs of feeding forages
  6. Concentrates. A deep dive into protein, fats, energy and water