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NOTE: We are now out of stock for Horse Size muzzles, and have limited pony size left. Draft and mini are in good supply.

These wonderful muzzles have become too expensive to produce at a reasonable cost. I am currently trying to find a buyer who can handle a large inventory to bring the costs down. Until then, sadly these muzzles will soon be off the market. We will continue to make the halters and these work with any muzzle.

 Attaches to your horse's breakaway halter or, for a better fit, check out the Harmany Halter here. Halter and muzzle sold separately.
Sizing: Consider bit size! If your horse takes a 4 ½-4¾" bit, you mostly likely need pony size. 5-5 ¾" bit would need a horse size, and a 6" bit would need a  draft size. The mini size muzzle is for the really tiny minis!
- Engineered to have 25-50 percent more breathing space than traditional muzzles
- Comfortable and effective
- Easy to keep clean, wash and dry, even disinfect
- Does not retain water or dampness that could cause mold
- Open, airy design more comfortable in hot weather
- Easy to drink water
- Slows eating yet allows horse to get exercise, be with buddies in the pasture
This muzzle was developed by Dr. Joyce Harman, a pioneer in alternative equine medicine and the first veterinarian to publish a paper on insulin resistance in horses. Dr. Harman has been working to improve the lives of horses with IR, weight problems and laminitis for 25 years.
Check out the video to see how it works: Harmany Muzzle in action.
Learn to customize the Harmany Muzzle.
Learn to customize the amount of grass your horse can get.
Attach the Harmany Muzzle to a Harmany Halter.
Put the Harmany Muzzle on Your Horse.
"I know what it is like to have a horse that needs a muzzle, I have one."  Dr. Joyce Harman
Does your horse hate to wear his grazing muzzle? Do you hate to put it on? Here is a revolutionary grazing muzzle designed to make your life easier.
Horses are happiest grazing on lush, green grass, but for some horses, like those suffering from insulin resistance or cushings, unrestricted grazing can spell disaster.
While conventional grazing muzzles offer temporary solutions, they're wrought with their own problems--too big, too small, too hot, or too restrictive.
Harmany Muzzles are ergonomically designed, molded to your horse's head shape. Not only is this more comfortable for your horse, but it provides 25-50 percent more breathing room than traditional muzzles. No more discomfort means hours upon hours of healthy grazing!
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