Harmany Muzzle Halter

Harmany Equine
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These halters are specially designed to have longer cheek pieces, so they cannot be pulled off of the Houdini horses' heads. They fit differently than a regular halter. Muzzle sold separately
We have cob size halters
Say "bye-bye" to generic breakaway halters for your muzzles! The new Harmany Halter is adjustable in four different ways, which allows your muzzle and halter to function as intended with maximum comfort for your horse. It even has an added strap to ensure your muzzle doesn't pull down your halter AND a sewn-in slot for your nose piece.
It is unique because it has:

  • A buckle to adjust the noseband. The buckle is on the right, so it’s out of the way.
  • A slot for easy muzzle attachment on the noseband to stabilize the muzzle.
  • Two extra straps that attach to the noseband for added support.
  • A higher throat latch so the horse can’t pull the halter over his ears.
  • Has four ways to adjust, so it will fit horses with multiple head shapes.

The halter is available in horse and cob size in 4 different colors: pink, blue, teal and green.
Like the Harmany Muzzle, the Harmany Halter is Made in America.
Halters can be returned for full refund only if they are in like-new condition. If halters are worn, a partial refund may be given. Please call or email for a Return Authorization number.