What is Horse Healthmanship™ ?

Posted by Joyce Harman, DVM on Mar 10th 2024

What is Horse Healthmanship™ ?


1: a rider or driver of horses especiallyone whose skill is exceptional

2: a person skilled in caring for or managing horses *

  • We spend a lot of time working on number 1
  • Much of number 2 is learned by experience, the school of hard knocks or from books/educational events or your neighbor/cousin/aunt
  • We try hard at number 2, but often guidance comes from manufacturers trying to sell you their wares

So, Horse Healthmanship™ will take your horse management to a new level!

Healthmanship involves taking in the whole horse and applying the principles of natural, healthy horse care to optimizing your horse’s health.

  • Whole horse
  • Healthy or not
  • Feed
  • Forage (grass or hay)
  • Environment
  • Workload or pasture pet
  • Young or old
  • Supplements needed or not
  • Diseases or conditions to treat

Horse Healthmanship™ is a masterclass designed to share the vast knowledge of Dr Joyce Harman and help you apply that to your own horse(s).

 Learn More about this course https://harmanyequine.com/introduction-to-horse-healthmanship/

*(From https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/horsemanship)