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This is long and technical article, but contains much useful information to help you recognize and treat this debilitating condition. Many veterinarians are unfamiliar with this disease, especially in parts of the country where it is uncommon. Others do not believe it is a problem. The truth is that this is a serious, widespread disease […]


Did you know that herbs can be powerful aids to assist during healing for humans and animals alike? If you’ve been eager to learn more about holistic medicine, but not sure where to start, here’s a quick look at the top ten herbs to cut your teeth on. These herbs offer good historical data and […]

PrePro Probiotic


Dr. Joyce Harman offers tips on gut health during the change of seasons As horse owners, we know that this time of year isn’t just about roasting chestnuts and sipping cocoa. Cold weather equals more work for us, from throwing extra hay in the evening to busting frozen water buckets in the morning. But the […]


Question: I’m planning on buying a new English saddle, but I’m confused by saddle sizes such as 16 or 17. Do these figures represent the length of the seat? How do you measure that? Answer: Figuring out the seat size on a saddle is not as easy as it would seem. For one thing, the […]

Joint Supplements: Keep a Rotation

For many years, I have felt that joint supplements should be changed every year or two, since the joint is a complex structure. One type of supplement may or may not address exactly what a particular horse needs, so changing the type is helpful to make sure you have covered all the bases and improved […]

Ask Dr. Harman: How to Deal with a Bully Horse

Question: My horses are pastured with a large Thoroughbred that has back shoes on. He is very aggressive and tries to herd his buddy away from my two guys by biting and kicking at them. It’s a small area for four horses. I spoke to the owner, but she doesn’t seem to care since it […]

Ask Dr.Harman: How to Handle a Cribber

Q. I have a horse that has severe cribbing problems. The only way we have been able to get her to eat is to place her in the round pen. Do you have any recommendations? A. Cribbing can originate for many reasons. It can be inherited (or learned from the Mom), but often occurs from […]

Vitamin E

Vitamin E levels in horses tend to be low when they do not have good access to green grass. When there is a drought, pastures that are normally green are poor quality and the hay is poorer quality than usual. Vitamin E deficiency has been liked to several serious equine diseases and may be linked […]

Hay information

During a drought, hay quality often becomes poor, the availability of it is reduced and the cost goes up. Hay may be brought from other countries or other areas of the United States. During extremely wet conditions, the same facts are true, but with the added issue of mold in improperly cured hay. A recent […]

Disease From A Holistic Perspective

One of my favorite statements is that the blessing and the curse of holistic medicine is that each animal is an individual and must be treated as such. It is a blessing because finally your veterinarian wants to listen to all aspects of your horse’s life and personality and all that information is important. The […]

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