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Equine Joint Support Hay Flavor Powder Horse Supplement

We are expanding our offerings for joint health because Dr. Harman feels it is important to vary the types of products used every year or every few years. Each joint supplement works on different biochemical pathways inside the joint, and the joint is a complex structure.

Consequently, variation in types of supplements will give the best overall long term effects. For a few horses, you will find that one particular product is superior to all others, in that case, stick with what works. In all cases, if you try a supplement and do not see results in 1-2 months, change to different type of product, or check the quality of the one you are using. All products sold here are of top quality and will give good results, if they are correct for your horse.

Contains 100 mg hyaluronic acid (HA) per 1/2 oz serving Use as an alternative to, or in conjunction with intravenous or intra-articular HA Give daily to help maintain healthy joints
Can use along with glucosamine and/or chondroitin for additional joint support.

Easy-to-give alfalfa-based powder
1 pounds,  35 day supply

Directions for Use:
Enclosed scoop holds 1/2 ounce
Give 1/2 oz daily, or as directed by your veterinarian

Keep cool and dry. Reseal after each use.