Noni Lavender Lotion

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A First Aid Kit in a Bottle

Now it is easier than ever to use noni fruit as an external health aid. Works great for skin irritations. Available in 4 and 8 oz bottles.

  • Supports healthy joint function and comfort
  • Helps to calm and soothe muscles
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Promotes skin clarity, reduces appearance of spots and discoloration
  • Promotes clear, healthy looking skin
  • Contains important antioxidants

The Noni Lotion brings the power of 100% organic raw noni and organic lavender oil into a water-based lotion to create the ultimate superfood formula for your skin. With an abundance of nutrient-rich compounds, it’s a powerful health aid for irritated skin—and promotes an even skin tone and healthy complexion. Raw noni works to calm skin inflammation and irritations while balancing and regenerating skin on a cellular level. Use it as a nourishing lotion, cleanser, face mask, and more. The options are endless.

Like all Real Noni products products, their Soothing Noni Lotion is made from 100% organic raw noni pulp that’s non-fermented and low-heat processed to preserve over 165 beneficial compounds for the highest potency possible.

The lotion can be used externally or internally to alleviate stiffness, swelling, muscular aches, bruises and in support of good joint health. It may be used as a local antiseptic and anesthetic by covering the affected area with the product, applied as the lotion allowed to dry in place.

LAVENDER NONI LOTION works as ideal first-aid remedy for home, horse trailer, car, purse, pocket or pack, and needs no refrigeration.

The lotion offers excellent support and pain relief to growths, wounds and injuries and can be safely applied topically to even the most sensitive skinned horse. Amazing to help sooth hot spots in dogs. (safe to ingest internally, so no worries if they lick it off).

The dose is to apply it topically one to 3 times a day, or as needed. Massage into the skin if that is comfortable to the animal.

Ingredients: Organic Noni Fruit, Water, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Organic Lavender Oil