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Healthy Gut Balance for Horses

Biostar has combined specific plants commonly found in old English hedgerows for digestion and gut support (peppermint leaf, rosehips, nettle leaf, mallow leaf, and fennel seeds) with the unique qualities of the spore probiotic Bacillus subtilis (DE-111®), fermented turmeric (Fermeric®), the medicinal fungi Cordyceps sinensis, and active probiotic strains Lactobacillus and Bifidus; plus the prebiotics MOS, inulin and reed sedge peat.

Hedgerow GI is the first equine supplement to support homeostasis of the complex orchestra that is the GI tract, comprised of microbes, immune cells, metabolites, and the tight junctions of the gut. This exclusive blend provides dimensional support for gut homeostasis.

Available in 30 scoops or bulk (120 scoops)