Emergency Preparedness with CBD and More!

Posted by Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS on Aug 7th 2023

Emergency Preparedness with CBD and More!

There are many reasons why life might not be going well. Trauma and injuries can be life threatening, but old age can take a sudden turn for the worse as well. When the time comes to say goodbye it's not always peaceful. Natural disasters do not always occur with much warning.

When that bad time occurs, no one is thinking clearly. And the vet is not always able to be there right away (just a physical reality with driving out to farm), or you need to load a small animal into the car and get to a vet (after hours it may be far away, since there are fewer emergency vets these days).

What can you do? There are some tools that will help. But, since you will not be thinking clearly (let's be honest) have these supplies available somewhere handy, especially if you live where natural disasters can occur easily. But, in reality, everyone should be able to find your kit, including someone you are guiding from the other end of the phone.

Your emergency kit and why

  • 1.Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower or similar flower essence)
  • a.A few drops directly on the mucous membranes or diluted in water and sprayed onto the face help enormously with the stress of the situation
  • b.This is for the humans and the animals J
  • 2.Arnica (any potency will work in an emergency 30C, 200C, 1M or even 6 or 12C)
  • a.For trauma, helps mentally and physically with pain and fear, may help control some bleeding. You will never go wrong giving Arnica
  • b.If the condition is severe, give it every 15 minutes until you reach help
  • 3.Phosphorus (any potency will work in an emergency 30C, 200C, 1M or even 6 or 12C)
  • a.This is for serious bleeding
  • b.Follow the directions above for Arnica
  • 4.CBD or CBD hemp oil
  • a.CBD works as a pain reliever as well as an antistress product
  • b.It's very safe even in high quantities
  • c.When an animal is in an agitated state, whether very old and it's time to be euthanized but you cannot get to the vet right away, or is injured
  • d.You can repeat the amount you give frequently, if needed.

My story about using CBD at the end of life of my beloved Sunny Dog: She was almost 17 and I thought she would pass peacefully at home. But she could not and became agitated. The vet was not going to be there for a while, so I increased her CBD by 3-4 times a normal high dose. Each time I gave it to her, she relaxed noticeably. When she became agitated again, I repeated it. This bought us time much more peacefully than if I just waited. Rescue remedy had not worked for her. But CBD did. The oil form is much easier to use in this situation than the powders. This has worked for other animals as well.