AboutThe focus of this site is to provide high quality educational materials. The key is to help the horse owner, as well as the veterinary community become more educated in complementary and alternative medical therapies (CAVM). We hope you will learn when and how is best to use CAVM modalities, when to use CAVM yourself, and how to locate veterinarians and others to help you in your path of discovery.

Dr. Harman is certified in acupuncture and chiropractic, and has completed advanced training in veterinary homeopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine. If you are looking for a local practitioner through the links provided, find one who has extensive training in the modality you are interested in.

Our philosophy in a nutshell: The best medicine is whatever works on that day and is the least invasive. Example: for a twisted gut, the least invasive, successful treatment is surgery, however, for most of our chronic problems the least invasive and most successful treatment is CAVM.

The information contained on this web site is for educational purposes and is not intended to supplement the care and advice of your veterinarian who can examine your animal directly. Readers who have concerns about their animals health should seek the advice of a veterinarian. It is advisable to seek as much information as possible in order to make informed decisions about your animals health care.

For information about making an appointment, either in person or on the phone, please call 540-229-1855. Dr. Harman travels throughout the Piedmont area in Virginia and has horses ship in to the clinic from outside that area. We welcome new clients and will fit everyone into the schedule as soon as possible.
The phone (540-229-1855) is answered Monday to Wednesday, but if you reach a message machine, it means we are on the phone with another client and will return your call as soon as we can.