5. Testimonials

“Thank You So Much for a Wonderful Product!”

“These were taken 5 minutes after first Spring turn-out with muzzle. Palomino Tobba had never used the Harmany Muzzle before! Megas and Sassy had practice with theirs last fall.
Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!!”
-Barbara S., Maine

Before-And-After the Harmany Muzzle (Testimonial)

“Here’s a photo showing Greta in her chubby state and Greta in her current condition, after wearing the Harmany Muzzles. She is LOVING her muzzle and we are loving the results!” -Leslie G.

Perfect for hard-to-fit heads! (Testimonial)

“Julia, the Arabian “Princess” did not enjoy her bulky black grazing muzzle. It was hot in the summer and gave her abrasions on her sweet face. What a difference using the Harmany Muzzle! She comes to the front of her stall to have it put on, instead of retreating to the back of the stall as it was in the past with her other one. She is much more content wearing this light weight yet effective grazing muzzle. And yes, I was able to customize it to her face. Thank you Dr. Joyce for developing this awesome grazing muzzle to help my mare stay healthy.” -Lucy Anne K.

Keeping Overweight Horses Sane (Testimonial)

Thanks Barbara S., Maine, for your Harmany Muzzles testimonial!
“I love these muzzles and will be purchasing another for my third Icy before spring pastures arrive. I credit these muzzles with keeping my over weight  Icelandics sane while gradually loosing  excess pounds. Getting them back to pasture and off a dry lot was key and these muzzles made it possible. I had been told that they should never be on pasture again, and this was not going to happen with acres of green pastures surrounding our farm. Thank you so much for the great product and clever design that they readily accepted.”


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