Hello. I would just like to thank you for your wonderful Harmany draft muzzles. After 3 years of extremely hard use, I have just ordered my “replacement” Harmany muzzle. My old muzzle is still in service but is wearing thin in areas where it has undergone repair. To be honest, the need for the reheating is probably more my fault than the product’s since when I originally formed the muzzle (draft muzzles at that point came unformed) I hadn’t yet perfected my technique and had some difficulty bending it along the fold. I now use a small hand-held propane heater and have no trouble. I do have a suggestion for product improvement however and that is to advise clients to keep the pieces of material they remove from the grazing holes. As I had later need for repair, I used these pieces in areas where I needed to add thickness,

I have tried every muzzle out there and this is the only one that I will now use on Gem. It never rubs, allows great airflow, and is incredibly tough. An added little bonus is that since Gem has a large white snip, adding a bit of light sunshield fabric over the top section of the muzzle means we no longer have to worry about sunburn!

Once again, thank you.
Gail Pletsch,
River Ridge Irish Draughts
Walkerton, Ontario