Stuff Your Horses’ Stocking with the Gift of Health

It’s the season for giving! Why not give the gift of natural nutrition to your horse this season with Sow Your Seeds Pasture Blend? Sow Your Seeds Pasture Blend is an herbal mixture of easy-to-grow perennials and self-sowing annuals selected for their nutritional value, horse appeal, and ability to flourish with normal grazing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving to your horse— plant it once for seasons of healthy herbs.
“Horses are designed to graze up to 20 hours a day, and not on sugar-rich grasses” said holistic veterinarian and founder/owner of Harmany Equine Dr. Joyce Harman. “By design, horses should be grazing and munching on various forage types— including the herbs they instinctively know they need. Stacey Small, who developed the original blend, and I decided to resurrect this award-winning product to meet the demand of horse owners looking to provide a more natural grazing environment.”
When horses are stabled, grazing in manicured pastures or on the road, they have little ability— if any— to forage naturally for the herbs they crave. Now you can easily add beneficial, fresh herbs to your horse’s daily diet wherever he is. 
Each blend consists of a variety of herbs (chicory, echinacea, fennel, fenugreek, lemon balm and melilot) selected for their horse appeal, nutritional value and easy growing habit. Once established, as long as the roots are left intact, these plants should return year after year.
These herbs should be offered as an adjunct, not a replacement, for your current hay and feeding program, and are a nutritional “bonus” to the forage and roughage that hay provides. If you have always provided hay during the day, we recommend that you continue to do so. If your horse is on grass regularly, these plants will provide additional nutrition, but are not a replacement for normal grazing. If your horse is on restricted grazing, allow enough time each day for them to have a few minutes in the areas where the herbs are planted.
Where to plant?
With Sow Your Seeds Pasture Blend, it’s easy to plant a grazing patch wherever is most convenient for you and your horses! Consider planting:

  • In your home pasture
  • Along your driveway
  • In window boxes at racetracks
  • In a garden area to harvest for travel (perfect for horse shows and road trips)

It comes in 6.5 ounce packages that makes it easy to handle and plant. A great gift for your horse and the perfect Stocking Stuffer for this Christmas Season. 
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