A Chinese herbal formula for use after the initial heat, pain and swelling are gone from an injury or arthritis where some degree of pain, stiffness, or swelling often remains. This second stage of healing can be present for several weeks or much longer, preventing the horse from returning to work. Arthritic pain in joints is often a result of chronic trauma and also responds to Chinese herbal therapy. Tendons have slow healing times due to a poor blood supply. Splints, ligament injuries and sole bruises also often take a long time to heal during this second stage.

Comments: Use for chronic pain or discomfort due to traumatic injury. Use in an acute injury after the initial heat and swelling have subsided. Precautions: During pregnancy, do not apply to lower lumbar spine. Discontinue if blistering or skin irritation occurs. Very sensitive skinned horses may react to it. Do not apply to open wounds.