Herbal medicine is a very powerful form of healing, and horses are natural herbivores, so are very responsive to treatment. Dr. Harman has been prescribing herbs for horses for over 25 years, and has developed formulas for a number of companies.
Herbs have been used in many cultures, with formulas developed by the Chinese, Indians, Europeans and in America. Herbs can be easily fed to horses in the whole powdered herbal form or in various preparations such as extracts and liquids.
At Harmany Equine we use mostly Chinese and western herbal preparations. Herbal quality is very important in order to get good results. There are many cheap and ineffective products on the market, so Dr Harman researches and carries only the best companies in the web store.
Herbal medicine can be used to treat many conditions. It excels in treating chronic conditions where conventional medicine fails or has many long-term side effects. Diseases and conditions such as chronic diarrhea, skin conditions, Lyme, EPM, recurrent colic, Insulin Resistance, behavior problems and many more. Herbal medicines are not a quick fix; it takes time to heal the body, but the results are worth the wait.
Dr Harman does telephone consults as well as in person farm calls to help tailor an herbal program to your horse and its conditions. Please click the appointments button or call 540-229-1855.