Equine chiropractic is often poorly understood, yet it is an extremely valuable form of therapy for the performance as well as the pleasure horse. The goal of chiropractic (and Osteopathy if you have heard of that) is to restore motion to the spine and leg joints, and along with that, restore the function of the nervous system so that each cell in the body can perform properly.
Chiropractic can work therapeutically to relieve pain, improve performance and correct many subtle lameness. It is also used preventatively for high performance horses to keep the joints moving freely to prevent injuries from happening. To learn more about how we can help your horse with chiropractic care, contact us today.
Dr Harman uses gentle chiropractic techniques refined over 20+ years to restore motion without any rough handling. Chiropractic often worries people because there are many practitioners that use violent techniques that can damage or scare your horse. Each treatment is individualized to what the horses that day; some days they need more due to a recent trauma, some days they need less because they are in good shape and just need a fine tuning.