Acupuncture is one of the primary treatments offered at Harmany Equine. Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine (4000 years) that has found an important place in the treatment of the modern horse for ailments ranging from heaves to back pain. Many back problems can be solved by reducing or eliminating the pain that stems from the athletic activities we demand of our horses. Acupuncture is one of the primary treatments that result in long lasting and complete pain relief in most horses.
Acupuncture is best known for it’s use in back pain, but in reality can help many conditions, such as: behavior problems, allergic lung disease (COPD, RAO, heaves), Lyme disease, liver problems, stocking up in the legs, EPM, arthritis of many types, compensatory pain from other injuries and many more conditions.
Horses generally love acupuncture, and relax. For the few who do not love needles, Dr Harman uses a cold laser to stimulate the points, resulting in the same treatment, but without the stress of needles. Dr Harman is one of the pioneers of acupuncture, becoming certified in 1990, so she brings over 25 years of experience to Harmany Equine.
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