Saddle Fit Webinar

Correct saddle fitting is as important to the equine athlete as correct shoe fitting is to the human athlete. Poor saddle fit, or the skin or muscle damage and the pain associated with it, usually shows up as performance problems, rather than overt sores. Performance problems range from a mildly “cold back” to severe bucking and rearing episodes. In between those two extremes is a whole host of symptoms most of us consider training problems, such as resisting, jumping poorly, being slow to warm up or not paying attention to the rider. Most of the time these behavior problems are related to pain and poorly fitting saddles. In this webinar, Dr. Joyce Harman will lead you through proper saddle fit– she’ll tell you what you can look for to make sure your saddle fits property, as well as clue you into some common problems that result when saddle fit is an issue.
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