Support Your Horse’s immune System

A holistic approach to support your horse’s immune system. Dr. Harman has a wealth of information to share with horse owners that is why she started the Good Healtmanship Series. Learn more from Dr. Harman at An informal lecture with slides on preventative measures to follow in order to support your horse’s immune system. Sponsored by Doc’s Hemp, your #1 Source of CBD from Hemp for Horses, Dogs and Cats

Winterize Your Horse Webinar

How cold and how wet can a horse get in the cold weather, should he or she have a blanket on? How that blanket should fit on the neck of the horse, not on the shoulder. How much Hay to feed and grain. Is it normal for a horse to loose weight in the wintertime? This and much more in this Zoom webinar with Dr. Joyce Harman, a holistic veterinarian who has an integrative practice. This webinar is sponsored by Doc’s Hemp, your #1 choice for CBD derived from Hemp for horses and dogs.

A Webinar with Facts, considerations and case studies. Holistic Veterinarian takes you helps the horse owner understand benefits of Hemp and CBD for horses, how to use them and when you cannot use these products. Sponsored by Doc’s Hemp, Your #1 Choice for Hemp derived CBD for Horses and Dogs


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Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, interviews Dr. Joyce Harman about equine veterinary. 2016 interview:

Support Your Horse’s immune System