Joint Yoga, Keep Your Horse Flexible

Joint Yoga, Keep Your Horse Flexible
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Here is wonderful book written by an excellent veterinary chiropractor. There are 100 photos to show how to improve your horse's flexibility and also to have fun doing it. Your horse will love you if add this book to your library. And it will give you something do on those cold winter days when it is too miserable to ride.

JointYoga technique it’s easy to learn to heal people and animals. JointYoga combines the best of chiropractic, acupressure, massage, visualization and yoga breathing to easily teach you to reverse the effects of injury and restore healthy movement, flexibility, and balance. You’ll learn to rock joints back into motion, ease tight muscles, and balance the nervous system for maximum well-being and emotional health with JointYoga’s comfortable pain-free techniques. Best of all JointYoga has health benefits for the person doing it!