Joint Supplements: Keep a Rotation

For many years, I have felt that joint supplements should be changed every year or two, since the joint is a complex structure. One type of supplement may or may not address exactly what a particular horse needs, so changing the type is helpful to make sure you have covered all the bases and improved the health of the joint as much as possible.
Finally I have found a nice source of perna mussel to use in this rotation. Perna mussels were really where all the joint supplements began, many years ago. They have excellent anti-inflammatory effects, are lubricating for the joint fluid and also have many good anti-oxidants that help not only in the joints but also in the rest of the body. So, if you have not changed joint supplements lately, this might be a good time to check out this new supplement.
In this rotation, what I look for is different types of supplements, not just brand changes. The main classes of joint supplements are: Glucosamine/Chondroiten; Hyaluronic acid; Perna mussels; Western herbal formulas; Chinese herbal formulas; Mushroom-based products and many more. This winter we will review these products in more detail.

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