Interviews with Dr. Harman

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Evolution of the Harmany Equine Practice.

Radio Interview with Dr. Harman

Dr. Harman is a well-known holistic equine veterinarian with over 30 years in practice. Wendy and Joyce chat about how they met, what holistic medicine is and how it can help your horse.

Topics include Harmany Muzzles, SURE FOOT Equine Pads, laminitis and other equine conditions as well as saddle fit.

Dr. Harman gives clear concise explanation of the three pronged approach to avoiding laminitis and ways to manage horses prone to this disease.

Hosted by Wendy Murdoch this talk makes it easy to understand and how to manage horses to avoid a “heart attack” in the hooves including the use of SURE FOOT Equine Pads to help horses that have this condition.

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