Homeopathy may be at risk – consider investing in a home first aid kit

Homeopathy is under attack in many parts of the world, including the United States.. Although we do not know what the regulators will finally decide to do, it’s important to be aware of what’s happening in the government no matter where you live.


Homeopathy is such a valuable and useful branch of medicine, and the remedies have an extremely long shelf life, (I have taken remedies that were 50 years old), that it’s a great idea to keep a kit at home. Kits have a selection of remedies, some of which you may never use, but most will become useful at some point, especially when bad things happen, and the doctor or veterinarian’s office is not open.

Kits can be expensive; but, they last for years despite any expiration date printed on them. For horses, it’s best to buy a kit with 2-dram size vials, so you have enough remedy to last for several treatments. For small animals or for travel, a ½ dram bottle size kit may be enough. And the smaller kit can be used to have a wide selection of remedies on hand, with a just a few larger bottles of the ones you frequently use.

You can select a simple kit with a few key remedies for trauma or select a kit with up to 50 to100 remedies if you are more serious about studying and using homeopathy.

If you are stuck with only a small amount of a critical remedy, here’s an easy way to extend the doses. Place one or two doses ( six to eight tabs for horses,  one to three, or  four for humans and small animals) into a small jar and add water. You can make it up with two to three ounces of water, although the exact amount is not critical. Then take a syringe or spoon and take ¼ to 1cc or 1 ml out and squirt it in the mouth of the patient. Homeopathic remedies are diluted when they are made. You are doing another  very slight dilution.

For more information,  research the internet for kits. Here are a few places to find kits, and there are many more:





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