Nutrition from a natural and holistic perspective is the foundation of all healing. But trying to figure out what is the best to feed, and how to supplement without breaking the bank and yet optimizing health is complicated.
What is natural? What is GMO and how does it affect my horse? Do I need to feed grain? Add a balancer supplement? How do I feed my older horse with bad teeth, or my high-performance horse who is a hard keeper? Should I follow the recommendations on the feed bag, or do I even need a feed bag? How can I not starve my Insulin resistant or Cushing’s horse, yet prevent him from gaining weight?
The supplement industry is also complicated, and most of the education is done by companies wanting to sell you their product, whether it is right for your horse or not.
All of these questions can be answered by Dr Harman with a telephone consult or a farm visit. Please contact the office to set up an appointment and take a positive step towards understanding nutrition.