Healers on Healing

In place of my blog on fly control that i spent last weekend working on, only to have the computer eat it :(, here is a quick book review of one of my all-time favorites. I promise the fly control blog this week sometime. You can get this book on Amazon or from your favorite used bookstore.
Healers on Healing
An anthology edited by Richard Carlson PhD and Benjamin Shield
Publisher: Jeremy Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles
This book is required reading for anyone interested in the holistic healing fields. The book was compiled by asking many prominent alternative healers a single question “What, in your experience, is the key element or golden thread that unites the healing processes?”. The list of people contributing to this reads like the who’s who of natural healing – people like Bernie Siegal, Louise Hay, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Ted Kaptchuk and many others. The amazing thing about Healers on Healing is that the same message comes across from many different angles – love, intent, giving the power of healing back to the individual, that the relationship of the person healing and the facilitator of healing is healthy, and that the method of healing is not the most important factor.
Throughout the book it is emphasized that each person heals in a unique way and whatever technique works for one person may not work for the next person. Some people will heal with minimal assistance, while others will not be healed no matter what technique is used. The healer or person aho helps guide the healing also needs to be healthy and actively working on thier own process of healing.
Healers on Healing is a book that can be read and reread starting at any point. New insights into healing will be discovered each time. The truth strikes deep into people’s hearts and this book should reach deep into each one of us, hopefully helping us along the path of self-discovery as a “healer”. Open the book to any page and you will find gems to live by each day, such as this one from Lynn Andrews: “A growing number (of therapists) seem to be aware of the need to look at what really matters, what can make their approach to healing have a real impact.” Or this one from Elizabeth Kübler-Ross: “Healers must understand that love does not only mean love for others; it also means love for oneself.” Read, enjoy and take the lessons to heart.

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