ALL Harmany Muzzles Now Come Pre-Molded!

You asked, we listened! All Harmany Muzzles now come pre-molded.
Now you can get the only breathable, customizable grazing muzzle pre-molded for your horse. All you have to do is make spot adjustments to customize it to your horse’s head shape. Roman nose? Big chin? Wide cheeks? No problem! Just use hot water or a hair dryer to fully customize your muzzle.

And, don’t forget that you can dictate the amount of grass your horse gets! That’s right– all you have to do is punch out the tabs in the bottom of the muzzle.

The Harmany Muzzle is different than other grazing muzzles because they are:
– Engineered to have 25-50 percent more breathing space than traditional muzzles
– Comfortable and effective- Does not retain water or dampness that could cause mold
– Open, airy design more comfortable in hot weather
– Easy to drink water
– Slows eating yet allows horse to get exercise, be with buddies in the pasture
– Easy to clean; doesn’t harbor germs and bacteria

Get your Harmany Muzzle or Harmany Halter here.

Both the Harmany Muzzle and the Harmany Halter are Made in America.
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