4. FAQ

A. How durable is the Harmany Muzzle?

  • The Harmany Muzzles have Kevlar fibers worked into the plastic, so they’re very durable! Your horse might wear through 2-3 traditional muzzles a season, but just one Harmany Muzzle should last 1-2 entire grazing seasons.

B. I have had to use a larger size muzzle in the past so my horse had enough room to breathe. Should I order the correct size or a larger one?

  • Order the correct size– the additional breathing room makes it so much more comfortable for them, even in the hot weather. You may find that you can use a closer fit, which will help the muzzle stay in place better and make it harder for them to get through the cracks on the side. I would think you could use the larger size also, but I would be a bit concerned it would be too loose and easy to twist around to the side corners.
  • The big advantage to this design is that the plastic can be readjusted or bent as many times as you want to get the adjustment right. So, if you leave it quite open for good air flow and find one of the horses takes advantage of that, you can bend it up a bit tighter to keep it in place.

C. Is the muzzle too hot to put on my horse after adjusting it?

  • The muzzle cools quickly and in the process of shaping it, we recommend putting it in cool water to set the shape. So, no it will not be too hot to place on their head.

D. Can my horse remove the muzzle or cheat and go through the sides?

  • Unfortunately, once a horse has learned to remove a muzzle, he/she can get out of most muzzles. However, since the design is more open and airy, allowing much easier breathing and airflow, more horses will agree to keep it on. Though Houdini horses always seem to find workarounds, the small holes at the top corners of the muzzle are there so you can add zip ties, baling twine or other material to help keep it in place.

E. How do I know what size to order?

  • Check your bit size and compare to this chart, realizing that the muzzle needs to be about at least ½ to 1 inch larger than the bit to allow room to eat.

F. What other uses are there for the muzzle?

  • 1. Slows cribbing (you can cut out all the slots to allow maximum grazing for horses that do not need grass restrictions)
  • 2. Prevents aggressive biting of other horses
  • 3. Can use while ponying to prevent biting
  • 4. Portable slow feeder for hay. The Harmany Muzzle slows eating of hay (punch out all of the bottom slots to use as a slow-feeder). When feeding hay, use the muzzle for short periods of time (4-8 hours) to restrict hay consumption, then remove for normal consumption.

G. Tips and Tricks

  • If you need to secure the front strap to keep it in one place on the noseband, use some Vetrap® or similar material to hold it in place across the front of the halter
  • Feed your horse a nice treat to watch the chewing action. There should be a bit of extra room at the back of the muzzle for full jaw action without rubbing as he chews.
  • If adjustments are needed, place the muzzle back in the hot water and make any changes needed. If, after some use, you notice any rubbed places, just repeat the steaming molding process to adjust.
  • If your horse has tender skin or needs extra protection, use strips of real sheepskin (it breathes and does not get too hot). You can use halter fuzzies or just cut strips of an old sheepskin.

H. Learn more about safe grazing, Insulin Resistance, Laminitis, Cushing’s disease here:


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