Dr. Joyce Harman Named AHVMA Innovator of the Year for the Harmany Muzzle

Dr. Joyce Harman, integrative veterinarian and founder of Harmany Equine, was named Innovator of the Year at the 2018 American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association conference last month. She was recognized for developing the Harmany Muzzle.

“I hold my AHVMA colleagues in such high esteem, so it’s quite an honor to be recognized for the Harmany Muzzle,” Dr. Harman said. “My life has been about finding ways to help horses live more natural lives, grazing in pastures with friends. This muzzle is my contribution to horses to help make their lives happier.”

Dr. Harman, who has devoted a good amount of her life’s work to equine insulin resistance, often prescribes grazing muzzles to her clients. After learning that it was necessary for her own horse to wear a muzzle, she set forth to find a better system than the restrictive, heavy muzzles currently available.

The Harmany Muzzle is unique because it is the only breathable, customizable grazing muzzle on the market. It comes pre-molded in four sizes (mini, pony horse and draft) and ready for spot customization.

Not only can the muzzle be spot-adjusted to better fit a horse’s face shape, but it can also be customized to dictate the amount of grass a horse gets.

The Harmany Muzzle is different than other grazing muzzles because it is:

– Engineered to have 25-50 percent more breathing space than traditional muzzles
– Comfortable and effective- Does not retain water or dampness that could cause mold
– Open, airy design more comfortable in hot weather
– Easy to drink water
– Slows eating yet allows horse to get exercise, be with buddies in the pasture
– Easy to clean; doesn’t harbor germs and bacteria

Dr. Harman also developed a customizable breakaway halter, called the Harmany Halter, to use with the Harmany Muzzle. See the Harmany Muzzle or Harmany Halter here.

Both the Harmany Muzzle and the Harmany Halter are Made in America.

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