Dr. Joyce Harman Back at Equine Affaire!

Are you headed to Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts next week? Be sure to swing by to catch Dr. Harman’s talks while you’re there!
Here’s her schedule:

Thursday, Nov. 9

11 a.m.: Using Acupuncture to Address a Variety of Conditions Such as Heaves, EPM, Arthritis, Etc.
Equine Fundamentals Forum, Mallory South

Friday, Nov. 10

1 p.m.: Correcting Your Horse’s Imbal- ances with Acupuncture
Demo Ring, Mallory North
6 p.m.: Herbs for Horses: Herbal Solutions for Common & Chronic Equine Ailments
Equine Fundamentals Forum, Mallory South

Saturday, Nov. 11

5 p.m.: Lyme Disease: Supporting & Re- pairing the Immune System with a Combination of Conventional & Alternative Therapies
Demo Ring, Mallory North

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