Dr. Joyce Harman: A Pioneer for Holistic Horse Care

Holistic and integrative horse care is growing steadily in popularity— equestrians are increasingly turning toward natural treatment options for acute and chronic conditions. But for Dr. Joyce Harman, owner and founder of Harmany Equine Clinic, holistic equine veterinary care is anything but trendy.
Dr. Harman has been weaving Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic care and acupuncture together for nearly 30 years to create individualized treatment options for her clients. She is certified in acupuncture and chiropractic, and has completed advanced training in veterinary homeopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine.Though well known in Virginia, she is known throughout the country particularly for her work in two practice areas— insulin resistance and Lyme Disease.
“My life’s work has been devoted to creating a better life for horses,” said Dr. Harman. “I incorporate varied treatment modalities into my practice so I’m well equipped to help horses in ways that go beyond western medicine.”
One of Dr. Harman’s key practice areas is insulin resistance. In fact, she was the first veterinarian to publish a paper on insulin resistance in horses over 20 years ago. Since penning that initial paper, she has continued her work on equine metabolic issues, and today a large portion of her practice focuses on insulin resistant and laminitic horses. 
Dr. Harman has developed three products to help improve the lives of horses with insulin resistance and laminitis. Two of those products are supplements, the first of which is her OB Formula. Dr. Harman’s OB formula helps burn fat, and supports glucose and insulin metabolism. The second supplement is her INR Formula, which is designed to support horses dealing with the symptoms of insulin resistance (including laminitis).
In addition to the formulas, Dr. Harman invented the Harmany Muzzle to help horses who need grazing restriction live more natural lives. The Harmany Muzzle is breathable—it offers 25-50 percent more breathing room than traditional muzzles— and it’s customizable. 
A second large contingent of her practice is devoted to Lyme Disease in the equine. When treating Lyme cases, she recommends is a multi-systemic approach that uses a combination of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine. You can read more about Lyme Disease in the equine, as well as her approach to treating Lyme, here. 
Again drawing from her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and herbs, Dr. Harman worked with Hilton Herbs to develop two different tinctures for horses dealing with Lyme Disease. The first, Tic X First Response, is formulated with herbs selected to help support the liver, spleen, kidney and digestive health and function, whilst helping maintain a strong and effective immune response. The second, Tic X Aftercare, is formulated for owners as the second stage in supporting the horse’s immune function and energy level while horses are recovering. 
Though her practice area is limited to Virginia, Dr. Harman is available nationally and internationally for guest lectures, interviews and bylined articles.

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