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Skin cancer in horses

Horses are not generally prone to cancers, however there are a few important ones to consider. The most common skin tumor is a sarcoid, which is usually fairly benign, but can be invasive and quite messy. Melanomas are common in grey horses and in some cases can be very invasive and large, while in other […]

What’s Special About the Harmany Halter?

Get it here. Say “bye-bye” to generic breakaway halters for your muzzles! The Harmany Halter is adjustable in four different ways, which allows your muzzle and halter to function as intended with maximum comfort for your horse. It even has an added strap to ensure your muzzle doesn’t pull down your halter AND a sewn-in […]

Sow Your Pastures with Nutrient-Rich Herbal Seeds

Get them here. Get more information here. Horses are herbivores and are genetically predisposed to free graze a variety of herbs, forage, and grasses.  Since their domestication, horses are no longer able to roam free to select the herbs they instinctively seek for nutritional value.  Harmany Equine is a strong believer in the importance of […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Work Horses After Vaccines?

Question: We are booking our horses’ spring vaccinations (unfortunately mandatory due to showing), and we are wondering – should we work the horses the day they get vaccinated, or give them a day off? Some people suggest that working them helps move things through their system and prevents soreness – others say that they should […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Regaining Feeling in a Blocked Tail

Question: I am looking at purchasing a horse whose tail has been blocked. Is there any chance that he will regain feeling in his tail over time?  Answer: A lot will depend on how and what his tail was blocked with and how skilled the person doing it was. Unfortunately there are many methods out […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Easy Keeper on Stall Rest

Question: Do you have any suggestions towards maintaining an easy keeper’s weight while on stall rest? My mare is an air fern, and she is unfortunately on strict stall rest for at least 3 – 4 months. I would like to be able to keep hay in front of her to keep her occupied and […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Papaya and Ulcers

Question: I have a gelding that has recently been diagnosed with ulcers. I was doing some research, and noticed that there are increasing recommendations of incorporating papaya into horses’ diets to soothe stomachs. What are your thoughts on this?  Answer: Papaya contains enzymes that can enhance digestion and compounds that increase mucous production in the […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Head Shaking

Question: My horse is a head shaker, and it has been suggested that we try a figure-8 noseband on him, as this puts less pressure on the facial nerves that increase a head shaking response. Is there any truth behind this? Answer: There is some truth to this. The exact reason for a good response […]

Lyme Disease Webinar

Have you or your pet been touched by Lyme Disease? Do you want to know more? Here, integrative veterinarian Dr. Joyce Harman tells you what you need to know about the dreaded disease. Dr. Harman talks symptoms, diagnosis, conventional treatment, integrative therapies and recovery.   To check out the different herbs and homeopathics discussed in […]

Hemp and the Endocannabinoid System

Did you know that the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) is in most parts of the brain, and is in all mammals? This means the body is made to process the compounds in Hemp though what is called the endocannabinoid system (ES). The ES is a part of mammals that have been around for over 500 […]

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