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Cribbing can originate for many reasons. It can be inherited (or learned from the Mom), but often occurs from boredom or is learned from other horses. However, it can also begin from intestinal discomfort and ulcers, or a mild cribber can become a serious cribber after some digestive issues become a problem. So, in this […]

Hemp and the Endocannabinoid System

Did you know that the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) is in most parts of the brain, and is in all mammals? This means the body is made to process the compounds in Hemp though what is called the endocannabinoid system (ES). The ES is a part of mammals that have been around for over 500 […]

Gut Health Webinar

You know the saying “no hoof, no horse?” A equally true adage could be, “no gut, no horse.” After all, two-thrids of a horse’s immune system lies in the digestive tract. It would make sense, then, to learn as much as we can about the horse’s digestive system and how we can best care for […]

Treating Skin Disease Holistically

Horses are itchy this time of year. From biting flies and swarming gnats to allergies, some horses try to scratch themselves raw! Equine skin diseases are a significant problem in many parts of the country. Because of the humidity, the southern United States sees many forms of skin disease continue through the winter, while the […]

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