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Quick Tip for Halter, Muzzle Rubs

If you are using a muzzle or crib collar and your horseĀfs skin is irritated in the hot weather, or anytime, cover the offending parts with real sheepskin. You can get halter covers and adapt them to the shape you need. The real sheepskin will breath and not mat when it gets wet and oily. […]

Getting Swished in the Face

Have you ever had the annoyance of getting swished in the face with a well-aimed equine tail? This simple solution will earn you brownie points with your farrier, veterinarian, tail braider and many other helpful people who would like to keep their skin and eyes intact. All you need is a hair clip or clamp […]

Skunk Shampoo

this is a fabulously simple and effective remedy for those times your dog meets up with a black and white pussy cat of the smellier persuasion. And since most of us own dogs, it will come in handy at some point in our life. 1 quart hydrogen peroxide (3%, from the store) 1/4 cup baking […]

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