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Stuff Your Horses’ Stocking with the Gift of Health

It’s the season for giving! Why not give the gift of natural nutrition to your horse this season with Sow Your Seeds Pasture Blend? Sow Your Seeds Pasture Blend is an herbal mixture of easy-to-grow perennials and self-sowing annuals selected for their nutritional value, horse appeal, and ability to flourish with normal grazing. It’s the […]

What’s Special About the Harmany Halter?

Get it here. Say “bye-bye” to generic breakaway halters for your muzzles! The Harmany Halter is adjustable in four different ways, which allows your muzzle and halter to function as intended with maximum comfort for your horse. It even has an added strap to ensure your muzzle doesn’t pull down your halter AND a sewn-in […]

Sow Your Pastures with Nutrient-Rich Herbal Seeds

Get them here. Get more information here. Horses are herbivores and are genetically predisposed to free graze a variety of herbs, forage, and grasses.  Since their domestication, horses are no longer able to roam free to select the herbs they instinctively seek for nutritional value.  Harmany Equine is a strong believer in the importance of […]

ALL Harmany Muzzles Now Come Pre-Molded!

You asked, we listened! All Harmany Muzzles now come pre-molded. Now you can get the only breathable, customizable grazing muzzle pre-molded for your horse. All you have to do is make spot adjustments to customize it to your horse’s head shape. Roman nose? Big chin? Wide cheeks? No problem! Just use hot water or a […]

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