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Equine Herpes Virus: What Is It?

EHV-1 (Equine Herpes Virus) is a common virus in the equine industry.  There are other herpes virus’s, but these are the most common and often misunderstood. EHV-1 shows up clinically in two major forms, the common respiratory form and the less common but much more severe neurological form. We will examine both forms of the […]

Skin cancer in horses

Horses are not generally prone to cancers, however there are a few important ones to consider. The most common skin tumor is a sarcoid, which is usually fairly benign, but can be invasive and quite messy. Melanomas are common in grey horses and in some cases can be very invasive and large, while in other […]

Spring grass is coming—is your horse ready?

Lush, spring grass is just around the corner. While the horses will be chomping at the bit to start grazing, any horse person will tell you that it’s imperative to manage a horse’s time on the green stuff. For horses with metabolic issues, management is even more important. The reason is simple. Insulin allows glucose, […]

Summer Grass Isn’t Dangerous, Right?

Dr. Joyce Harman offers tips to keep your horse healthy during summer grazing   There’s no denying that summer is here, bringing with it the changing responsibilities of a horse owner. You might change out troughs more often to keep your horse’s water cool and fresh, or you might cold hose him on those brutal […]

Feeding the Horse with Winter Laminitis

Horses with winter laminitis often have more advanced disease, or are older, than the general group of Insulin Resistant horses or those diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. From a western medical perspective these horses are the most difficult to treat and misunderstood. From a Chinese medical standpoint these are relatively easy cases to understand and treat. […]

Insulin Resistance, cinnamon, herbs

As spring approaches in most parts of the country, we have to turn our thoughts to the flush of spring grass. For many of us, that beautiful spring green has become a curse as our horses gain weight and consider foundering or becoming Insulin Resistant (IR). We spend hours researching the latest information and wind […]

Muzzles and grass, blessings or curses?

Spring grass brings blessings to some and curses to those with easy keeping and fat horses. We are going to take a look at some of the ways to manage all that spring grass. The main choices to manage grass intake are to reduce time on grass or to reduce the amount of grass eaten. […]

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