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Treating Skin Disease Holistically

Horses are itchy this time of year. From biting flies and swarming gnats to allergies, some horses try to scratch themselves raw! Equine skin diseases are a significant problem in many parts of the country. Because of the humidity, the southern United States sees many forms of skin disease continue through the winter, while the […]

Keep Your Horses Safe While Grazing

This time of year, grazing conditions vary greatly across the country. In some places, it’s been summer for a month! Other parts of the country are still dealing with the temperature swings and rain common in the spring. Regardless of where you live, all horse owners have one thing in common this time of year— […]

Chronic Lyme Disease In The Horse

This is long and technical article, but contains much useful information to help you recognize and treat this debilitating condition. Many veterinarians are unfamiliar with this disease, especially in parts of the country where it is uncommon. Others do not believe it is a problem. The truth is that this is a serious, widespread disease […]

Natural Treatment For Laminitis

Summary Chronic laminitis can be a very difficult disease to treat, however, by using natural treatments, the success rate increases significantly. Treating these horses involves a combination of many alternative and complementary modalities including acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy and, the most important o f all, nutrition. This article will cover some of the basic treatments used […]

Hands-on Saddle Fitting

Veterinarians are often called to examine horses with a variety of subtle lamensses and performance problems. As part of a complete examination, the saddle should be checked. If the horse shows any of the signs listed below, a poorly fitting saddle may be the cause.   Physical signs of saddle fitting problems Obvious sores White […]

Vaccinations Rethought

Article summary The vaccine issue is a complex one. There is not one perfect answer as to whether to vaccinate or not, or what to use. It is clear that annual vaccines can have negative effects on our animals, yet many people board their horses in barns where they are required to vaccinate. This lengthy […]

Holistic Equine Nutrition

Introduction The topic of feeding horses is often surrounded by tradition, mystique and much hype. Each group of horse owners (trail riders, race horses, western pleasure riders or any other) has their own personal gospel as to which feeds can be fed and how. Amazingly enough, each group is still feeding the same equine species, […]

Top Ten Herbs For Starting Out

Did you know that herbs can be powerful aids to assist during healing for humans and animals alike? If you’ve been eager to learn more about holistic medicine, but not sure where to start, here’s a quick look at the top ten herbs to cut your teeth on. These herbs offer good historical data and […]

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