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Ask Dr. Harman: Travel Stress

Question: “I’m getting ready to move my 3 horses (and mini) from Pennsylvania to California. Any suggestions on traveling long distances and if there is anything I could do to prepare them for a long haul?” Answer: “Horses usually make a move like this better than we expect, however there are a number of things […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Work Horses After Vaccines?

Question: We are booking our horses’ spring vaccinations (unfortunately mandatory due to showing), and we are wondering – should we work the horses the day they get vaccinated, or give them a day off? Some people suggest that working them helps move things through their system and prevents soreness – others say that they should […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Regaining Feeling in a Blocked Tail

Question: I am looking at purchasing a horse whose tail has been blocked. Is there any chance that he will regain feeling in his tail over time?  Answer: A lot will depend on how and what his tail was blocked with and how skilled the person doing it was. Unfortunately there are many methods out […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Easy Keeper on Stall Rest

Question: Do you have any suggestions towards maintaining an easy keeper’s weight while on stall rest? My mare is an air fern, and she is unfortunately on strict stall rest for at least 3 – 4 months. I would like to be able to keep hay in front of her to keep her occupied and […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Papaya and Ulcers

Question: I have a gelding that has recently been diagnosed with ulcers. I was doing some research, and noticed that there are increasing recommendations of incorporating papaya into horses’ diets to soothe stomachs. What are your thoughts on this?  Answer: Papaya contains enzymes that can enhance digestion and compounds that increase mucous production in the […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Head Shaking

Question: My horse is a head shaker, and it has been suggested that we try a figure-8 noseband on him, as this puts less pressure on the facial nerves that increase a head shaking response. Is there any truth behind this? Answer: There is some truth to this. The exact reason for a good response […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Aggression and Pain

This article originally appeared in Equine Wellness. Check it out here. Question: “I have a 10 year old paint I purchased 8 years ago. I found out through several sources that the trainer the prior owners took him to abused him severely. After a lot of patience and TLC he began to mentally get over […]

Fall Grazing Webinar: How to Avoid the Dangers

Spring grazing might get all the attention,  but that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear the rest of the year– particularly in the Fall. “While grass tends to be lower in fructans and starch during the summer heat, the situation changes as the nighttime temperatures dip in the fall,” Dr. Joyce Harman.  “Laminitis is a […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Complementary Treatment for Snake Bites

Question: What do you use for rattlesnake bites? I was reading in Pat Coleby’s book Natural Horse Care that vitamin C injected intramuscular on both sides of the neck works. Is this true? Can you give me more details on exactly how much and how often you need to do an injection? Should you keep a […]

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