The Harmany Muzzle is a totally new concept in muzzle design.
The idea of the Harmany Muzzle is simple—make it as durable as possible, as light as possible, and as breathable as possible! Other designs have relied on heavy-duty straps, making them uncomfortable, hot, and very heavy. How would you feel about making your horse wear those heavy, hot rubber buckets that rub their noses every day?

Before the Harmany Muzzle, the only alternatives to those heavy muzzles were to either let your horse overeat and develop serious consequences, like laminitis, or lock your horse up in a dry paddock. Thankfully, the Harmany Muzzle is now an option!

Harman Muzzle Founder Dr. Joyce Harman
Harmany Muzzles are made of a thermal, medical grade plastic, which means they’re moldable to your horse’s head shape. They’re also more breathable than other muzzles on the market, offering 50 percent more breathing room than traditional muzzles, and the Harmany Muzzles are manufactured with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers, making them extremely durable.

There are also extra holes available on the sides so you can be creative and add zip ties, baling twine, small straps of latigo leather or anything else you need to create a muzzle for the “Houdini” type horses that try to escape.

How it Works
Customizing your Harmany Muzzle is easy! You have two options to mold you muzzle– you can use a hair dryer or heat gun (this is our preferred method), or you can use the steam created by a boiling pot of water (with a piece of slotted tinfoil over the top to target the steam). See the videos and instructions below; written instructions are also enclosed in our retail packaging.

Customize your Muzzle
Make spot adjustments to completely customize the muzzle to your horse’s head shape. For example, if a rub spot appears, just heat the area and bend it away from the skin. If a cup needs to be made for the chin, heat that area and bend it out away from the chin. If it rubs on the cheekbones, bend the sides away from the face.

The front has the writing, Harmany Muzzle

Method 1: Hot water
Heat the water to 160F/71C or slightly less
Hold part to be adjusted in the water
DO NOT OVERHEAT, and check the flexibility frequently.
Shape it the way you want.
Place in cold water to cool. Repeat as needed. No limit to number of times it can be molded.

Method 2: Hair Dryer, 1800 watts
Warm the hair dryer
Gently heat both sides of the area you wish until the plastic is soft enough to bend (DO NOT OVERHEAT IT).
Shape the area as desired
Dip in the cool water, and hold until the plastic hardens. Repeat as needed. No limit to number of times it can be molded.

Halter available separately: The Harmany Halter has unique adjustments that prevent the horse from removing it.