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Dr. Joyce Harman offers expert advice on keeping your horse at his prime over the winter months. As humans, we have winter-weight everything: winter-weight jackets, socks, hats—we may even find a new weight for ourselves over the course of the cold months! But, how closely do you monitor the winter weight of your horse? “Because […]

To Blanket, or Not to Blanket…That is the Question

Question: How do I know if my horse is cold? I put him out in cold weather with a shed, but he will not go in it. I am not sure how many blankets he needs to keep warm. Answer: Horses are much better adapted to the cold weather than we give them credit for. […]

Is Your Horse ready for Old Man winter?

Holistic vet Dr. Joyce Harman offers tips to keep your horse at his best this winter Fall has descended upon most of the country and, though we might enjoy long, foliage-filled rides, it means Old Man Winter is just around the corner. With him, he brings stressed immune systems and wild weather patterns. “Though winter […]

Spring grass is coming—is your horse ready?

Lush, spring grass is just around the corner. While the horses will be chomping at the bit to start grazing, any horse person will tell you that it’s imperative to manage a horse’s time on the green stuff. For horses with metabolic issues, management is even more important. The reason is simple. Insulin allows glucose, […]

Feeding the Horse with Winter Laminitis

Horses with winter laminitis often have more advanced disease, or are older, than the general group of Insulin Resistant horses or those diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. From a western medical perspective these horses are the most difficult to treat and misunderstood. From a Chinese medical standpoint these are relatively easy cases to understand and treat. […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Holistic treatment for ulcers

Q. What complementary medicine/modality do you recommend for gastric ulcers? A. There are many possible treatments for ulcers, however, it is important to try to prevent a recurrence, not just treat what is there. If the horse came from a stressful environment, and is now in a good place, treatment with some natural compounds may […]

Feeding Hay

Hay is one of the most important sources of roughage for horses during the winter months and in some places all year long depending on the availability of fresh grass. The digestion of roughage keeps horses warm and you may notice that they eat significantly more on a cold night than they do on a […]

Holistic Deworming

From one of my past newsletters: There are several ways to deworm horses without using harsh chemicals. Each of them takes a bit more work and attention to detail than using a conventional paste, however the rewards exceed the effort, if you enjoy that kind of time with your horses. Holistic deworming does not usually […]

Homeopathic treatment of digestive disorders

The digestive tract is critical to the horse’s well-being, and it was poorly designed by the creator, unfortunately. So we are left to help the horse cope with an increasingly artificial diet, stress level and limited exercise. In nature, the horse has a herd, walks 20 hours a day and grazes on rough roughage during […]

The Energetics Of Food

Chinese food energetics has become more popular in small animal medicine, but has gained little attention in the horse world. Prepackaged, processed equine feeds are just a bad as pet bagged pet foods and just as detrimental to health. Whole food material is best to feed, with attention to the actions of each food. It […]

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