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1. Harmany Grazing Muzzle

Lighter • Breathable • Customizable • Humane • Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Horses are made to graze 20 hours a day, and rest only 4 hours. However, in our modern rich pastures, horses and ponies can easily become obese with only a few hours of grazing per day. This leads to serious health problems, including: […]

2. Unique Design

The Harmany Muzzle is a totally new concept in muzzle design. The idea of the Harmany Muzzle is simple—make it as durable as possible, as light as possible, and as breathable as possible! Other designs have relied on heavy-duty straps, making them uncomfortable, hot, and very heavy. How would you feel about making your horse […]

3. Tips and Tricks

These tips should help you along your way; feel free to add yours by sending us an email or posting on Facebook. We would love to hear how you personalize and customize these special muzzles! · We will add pictures of the ways people are customizing the muzzles and making them work the best for […]

4. FAQ

A. How durable is the Harmany Muzzle? The Harmany Muzzles have Kevlar fibers worked into the plastic, so they’re very durable! Your horse might wear through 2-3 traditional muzzles a season, but just one Harmany Muzzle should last 1-2 entire grazing seasons. B. I have had to use a larger size muzzle in the past […]

5. Testimonials

“Thank You So Much for a Wonderful Product!” “These were taken 5 minutes after first Spring turn-out with muzzle. Palomino Tobba had never used the Harmany Muzzle before! Megas and Sassy had practice with theirs last fall. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!!” -Barbara S., Maine Before-And-After the Harmany Muzzle (Testimonial) “Here’s a photo showing Greta […]

6. Tack Shop Partners

Want to see a Harmany Muzzle in person? Check out our list of tack shops that carry the muzzle– it’s growing daily! Double L Tack Shop Fredericksburg, VA Horse N Hound Flint Hill, VA Horse & Rider Tack Kintnersville, PA M&M Tack Shop Raleigh, NC The Tack Box Middleburg, VA The Cheshire Horse Swansea, NH Tri-County […]

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