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Vitamin E

Vitamin E levels in horses tend to be low when they do not have good access to green grass. When there is a drought, pastures that are normally green are poor quality and the hay is poorer quality than usual. Vitamin E deficiency has been liked to several serious equine diseases and may be linked to . . . → Read More: Vitamin E

Hay information

During a drought, hay quality often becomes poor, the availability of it is reduced and the cost goes up. Hay may be brought from other countries or other areas of the United States. During extremely wet conditions, the same facts are true, but with the added issue of mold in improperly cured hay. A recent trip . . . → Read More: Hay information

Disease From A Holistic Perspective

One of my favorite statements is that the blessing and the curse of holistic medicine is that each animal is an individual and must be treated as such. It is a blessing because finally your veterinarian wants to listen to all aspects of your horse’s life and personality and all that information is important. The curse . . . → Read More: Disease From A Holistic Perspective

Quick tip for halter, muzzle rubs

If you are using a muzzle or crib collar and your horsefs skin is irritated in the hot weather, or anytime, cover the offending parts with real sheepskin. You can get halter covers and adapt them to the shape you need. The real sheepskin will breath and not mat when it gets wet and oily. Also . . . → Read More: Quick tip for halter, muzzle rubs

Getting Swished in the Face

Have you ever had the annoyance of getting swished in the face with a well-aimed equine tail? This simple solution will earn you brownie points with your farrier, veterinarian, tail braider and many other helpful people who would like to keep their skin and eyes intact.

All you need is a hair clip or clamp of any . . . → Read More: Getting Swished in the Face