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Summer grass isn’t dangerous, right?

Dr. Joyce Harman offers tips to keep your horse healthy during summer grazing

There’s no denying that summer is here, bringing with it the changing responsibilities of a horse owner. You might change out troughs more often to keep your horse’s water cool and fresh, or you might cold hose him on those brutal July . . . → Read More: Summer grass isn’t dangerous, right?

Insulin Resistance and Laminitis Treatment from a Natural Medicine Perspective

Introduction Laminitis is one of the more frustrating conditions to treat in equine practice. Chronic cases can take a significant amount of our time and energy, and the outcome is still not perfect in many instances. However, many cases brought to practitioners of natural medicine can be helped when conventional medicine has failed. This paper . . . → Read More: Insulin Resistance and Laminitis Treatment from a Natural Medicine Perspective

Healers on Healing

In place of my blog on fly control that i spent last weekend working on, only to have the computer eat it :(, here is a quick book review of one of my all-time favorites. I promise the fly control blog this week sometime. You can get this book on Amazon or from your favorite . . . → Read More: Healers on Healing

Muzzles and grass, blessings or curses?

Spring grass brings blessings to some and curses to those with easy keeping and fat horses. We are going to take a look at some of the ways to manage all that spring grass.

The main choices to manage grass intake are to reduce time on grass or to reduce the amount of grass eaten. . . . → Read More: Muzzles and grass, blessings or curses?

Insulin Resistance, cinnamon, herbs

As spring approaches in most parts of the country, we have to turn our thoughts to the flush of spring grass. For many of us, that beautiful spring green has become a curse as our horses gain weight and consider foundering or becoming Insulin Resistant (IR). We spend hours researching the latest information and wind . . . → Read More: Insulin Resistance, cinnamon, herbs