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Quick Tip for Halter, Muzzle Rubs

If you are using a muzzle or crib collar and your horsefs skin is irritated in the hot weather, or anytime, cover the offending parts with real sheepskin. You can get halter covers and adapt them to the shape you need. The real sheepskin will breath and not mat when it gets wet and oily. […]

Getting Swished in the Face

Have you ever had the annoyance of getting swished in the face with a well-aimed equine tail? This simple solution will earn you brownie points with your farrier, veterinarian, tail braider and many other helpful people who would like to keep their skin and eyes intact. All you need is a hair clip or clamp […]

Skunk Shampoo

this is a fabulously simple and effective remedy for those times your dog meets up with a black and white pussy cat of the smellier persuasion. And since most of us own dogs, it will come in handy at some point in our life. 1 quart hydrogen peroxide (3%, from the store) 1/4 cup baking […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Are Treeless Saddles the Same as Bareback?

Question: “I really like the contact and feel of riding bareback, and I think it helps me stay in rhythm with my horse. However, my balance isn’t quite there above the walk so it can be difficult to relax. Are treeless saddles a good alternative to bareback riding?” Dr. Harman: “If you’re not comfortable enough […]

Hands-on Saddle Fitting

Veterinarians are often called to examine horses with a variety of subtle lamensses and performance problems. As part of a complete examination, the saddle should be checked. If the horse shows any of the signs listed below, a poorly fitting saddle may be the cause.   Physical signs of saddle fitting problems Obvious sores White […]

Ask Dr. Harman: Clipping whiskers, yes or no?

Q: My 5-year-old gelding, who I compete in hunters, won’t let me clip his whiskers or under his jaw even when twitched or sedated. (He rears up and strikes out when I try.) I don’t think he’s afraid of the horse clippers themselves because I can clip other parts of his body, and having the clippers […]

How do you handle a lonely horse?

Question: My horse is alone right now and is walking along the fence line with the neighbors frequently, since there are two horses on their side. My neighbors are complaining that the area where she walks is getting to be just dirt, and when it rains it will wash away the fence. I highly doubt this […]

Vaccinations Rethought

Article summary The vaccine issue is a complex one. There is not one perfect answer as to whether to vaccinate or not, or what to use. It is clear that annual vaccines can have negative effects on our animals, yet many people board their horses in barns where they are required to vaccinate. This lengthy […]

Hands On Saddle Fitting

Does your horse show any of these signs? If so, a poorly fitting saddle may be the cause. 1) showing any objection to being saddled 2) being “cold-backed” during mounting 3) slow to warm up or relax 4) resistance to work 5) resistance to training aids 6) hock, stifle, or obscure hind limb lameness 7) […]

What Is Health?

When looking at medicine from a CAVM standpoint, the first question to ask is what is health? Health is defined as freedom from disease. According to this definition many domesticated horses are not truly healthy. In conventional medicine “normal,” chronic conditions are accepted as healthy, as long as the animal is considered free from devastating […]

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