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Feeding Hay

Hay is one of the most important sources of roughage for horses during the winter months and in some places all year long depending on the availability of fresh grass. The digestion of roughage keeps horses warm and you may notice that they eat significantly more on a cold night than they do on a . . . → Read More: Feeding Hay

Holistic Deworming

From one of my past newsletters:

There are several ways to deworm horses without using harsh chemicals. Each of them takes a bit more work and attention to detail than using a conventional paste, however the rewards exceed the effort, if you enjoy that kind of time with your horses. Holistic deworming does not . . . → Read More: Holistic Deworming

Radio Interview, Cushings and Insulin Resistance

Chronic Lyme Disease in the horse

This is long and technical article, but contains much useful information to help you recognize and treat this debilitating condition. Many veterinarians are unfamiliar with this disease, especially in parts of the country where it is uncommon. Others do not believe it is a problem. The truth is that this . . . → Read More: Chronic Lyme Disease in the horse